Tracking Labels Can Help Your New Business

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Gift Shop

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Starting a family business hasn’t been easy. We’ve had our up’s and down’s. When we decided to start a gift shop in Miami, Florida  – we knew this was where we wanted to raise our family and it was the type of shop we wanted to have. Adorable Necessities began as a small shop but soon we took over a larger space. Our customer base grew over the next six months as customers told others about us. It was exciting to see our business develop. But it was also a bit intimidating too.

One of our growing areas has been shipping gifts. As a gift shop we see the majority of our customers in to buy gifts for their family and friends. For every reason you can think of – birthdays, holidays and “just because.” We love gifts! But now we have a number of customers who ship gifts to their family and friends. And we just couldn’t do it without our tracking labels. They’ve truly helped keep our business in the black so to speak.

With tracking labels you know exactly where your package is at all times. This is a great convenience as you ship a package. Best of all, you don’t worry when the package is out of your hands. So many times when you ship something – a tiny bit of you does worry as you hope that package reaches the right hands okay. With a tracking label you know for sure everything is going to be fine. And if there is any type of problem, you’ll know where the package is at all times. This is a tremendous business tool for anyone doing any type of shipping to their customers. If you’ve got inventory going out that’s dollars you just can’t afford to lose. Whether you are a big or small business – you’ve always got to do what you can to stay in the black.

I think our tracking labels give our customers great peace of mind as well. I know our customers have seen them and I think they are pleased to see tracking labels on our packages. They haven’t said anything, it is more the expression on their faces. They know we are a serious and professional gift store business handling our products in the best way possible. Most importantly – they know that birthday gift to their aunt a few states away is going to reach her on time and be tracked as it gets there. That there is nothing to worry about.

Starting our own business has been very exciting in so many ways. My wife can be home for the kids when they get home from school. We have more control over our days and overall schedules. This is more the life we wanted to lead. But there have been many things we’ve needed to learn along the way to be the best business we could be. Little tips like getting great tracking labels. It sounds like a small thing but it makes a big difference – to your business and to customer satisfaction. I don’t think we’d to as much business without them!

A Brief History of Holograms

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A hologram is created by capturing the light reflected from an object and reconstructing it so the subject appears to move relative to the position of the viewer of the hologram.  This is what makes a hologram appear 3-dimensional but in fact it is not, it is a 2-dimensional representation just as an ordinary photograph.

In 1947, Hungarian physicist, Gabor Denes (known as Dennis Gabor in English) was playing in his lab with the results of pioneering technological advances dealing with the development of the electron microscope.  Dennis Gabor was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery but he had to wait until 1971 to receive the recognition he deserved.

The discovery was made in England at the commercial lab of British Thomas-Houston who filed a patent back in 1947, however the holographic light/optical technique did not attain any commercial significance until the development of the laser in 1960.  With the invention of the laser, 3-dimensional objects were then able to be made and the technique was first discovered in 1962 by two sets of teams – one in Soviet Russia led by Yuri Denisyuk and in the US, led by Juris Upatnieks.

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The initial holograms required illumination using the polarized light provided by a laser which severely restricted the use of the hologram.  With the development of “Rainbow Transmission” holograms, ordinary white-light sources could be used to create the 3-dimensional replication and this opened the door to using holograms in everyday life.  The holograms you see on credit cards and as security tags on product packaging are of this type.  The rainbow transmission technique uses a surface print on a plastic film which is then backed by an aluminum mirror-coating to provide the backlight source of illumination – this is what creates the 3-dimensional image appear.

A refinement of the rainbow transmission hologram is the “reflection” or “Denisyuk” hologram.  Here a multi-color image is reproduced and a white-light source from the same side of the viewer is only needed – this removes the need for the backlight coating which increases the cost of producing the hologram.

While static 3-dimensional images can be reproduced on a 2-dimensional medium, the science fiction concept of a 3-dimensional image being projected into a space is not yet with us.  The ability to replicate a 3-dimensional image into a space holds a lot of attraction for television and film but while plenty of effort has been going into creating a 3-dimensional viewing experience, the reality is that this holographic development is still science fiction and not science fact.  The 2008 holographic projection of CNN reporter Jessica Yellin during the Presidential elections last year may have given the impression of a hologram projection into space but in fact there was a merging of a video feed from the reporter which was then combined with the video feed created in the studio.  In other words, it was a cheat, but still gave a good indication of the possibility of 3-d holographic movies and television may be able to bring to the movie theater or your living room within the next few years.

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Try a Glass of House Wine

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If you’ve gone to a winery these days (and who hasn’t) you may have noticed the latest trend….you can bottle your own wine. It’s very cool. These winemaking classes are easy for a beginner to take and often you make about a dozen bottles, so you’ve go plenty to share with future dinner parties (or one big party). Many wineries offer different classes for different types of wine – if you want to make red wine or dessert wine or white wine, etc.

But what’s missing from this personalized class is something you can easily provide yourself – personalized wine labels (wine label designs). Why not name your wine and mention that it is from “The Jones Family, Summer 2009″? This personalized wine label makes your wine ideal for gift giving for so many occasions.

Custom wine labels are easy to create, you’ll just want to know what type of wine you are making and what you are calling it – as most you give a bottle of wine to will want to know what they would be uncorking before they have a glass (so they know what to serve with it).

Warning: both the winemaking at the winery and the personalized wine labels can become very addictive. It’s fun – and your family and friends can get quite used to expecting a delicious bottle of wine from you – they’ll ask when they will see the next one! Don’t worry though….making the wine and the personalized wine labels are rather step-by-step and a fun experience!

Get Attention for Your Company’s Product With Hologram Labels

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Let’s face it: these days everyone wants attention for their company products and services. But if you’d like to have the advantage on your side – check out custom hologram stickers. You can easily add a hologram label to your product that customers won’t be able to look away from.

Not every product on the shelves has an attractive label – and many products just don’t have the up-to-the moment hologram label. Adding a hologram label gives your product a very “now” look that is perfect for the latest products, especially for youth-oriented products.

There’s a lot of competition out there on the shelves when a customer goes shopping. An attractive label makes a customer stop a few extra seconds to check your product out, see what it’s about. A hologram label is not something you see everyday – it’s unique and special because it is very of-the-moment.

Hologram labels can be customized to many sizes. Whether your product is large or small, a custom hologram label can be attractively designed to catch a customer’s eye and call attention to your product.

There’s nothing like a hologram label available today. The rainbow shimmers of the hologram label as it shines under the light. Customers love to roll your product back and forth, watching the label change color – as they learn more about your product and notice your cool label. “Hey, this product must be really cool if the label is this cool,” That’s what they’re thinking!

Make Those I.D. Badges Really “Pop”!

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Most employees just don’t think much about their employee badges. But employee I.D. badges are important: you want to know who is permitted in your building or secure area – and who isn’t.

One of the latest advances you can add to your I.D. badges are hologram labels. Adding a hologram label is an ideal way for a company to create eye-catching I.D. batches. Best of all, these I.D. badges become rather easy for security to confirm or decline. When someone has the proper hologram security seal they are “okay” and when they don’t – you know they don’t belong.

What is great about using hologram labels in your I.D. badges is that these are not something someone can easily create a forgery. You won’t have to worry about fake copies of I.D. badges. Having hologram labels on I.D. badges is a great way to keep up-to-date on which employees are permitted in certain areas and who is not.

Everyone has seen hologram labels and how they shimmer and change color. These labels are eye-catching and your security staff will see them quickly to let staff in without much fuss.

Use hologram labels for parking permits, staff updates, security clearances and many other employee needs. A hologram label easily attracts attention and your staff and security will notice them quickly.