DeStress With Easy Organizing

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Some people say they “can’t be bothered” with getting organized. That getting organized takes time. Well staying messy actually takes even more time — and causes this person or family to feel much more stress! There are many ways you can learn to de-stress with easy organizing tips.

Try some of our favorites to help your family de-stress.

Always have a pair and a spare. Keys that is. No one should only have one set of keys. Keys get lost, purses and bags get lost. Things happen, even to the most with-it, well-organized person.
Having extra sets of keys means you can easily access your home or other belongings when you need to. If you have a long-term house guest you’ll also have keys you can give them. Just imagine the headache you’ll go through if you don’t have an extra key and the locks need to be changed!

Keep emergency contact information available and easy to read. Update emergency contact information either every six months or at least every school year. Each adult involved with a child’s life should have a copy of the emergency contact information and a copy should be laminated and placed on the refrigerator for fast reference. This way if you have a family friend or neighbor babysitting and your son brakes his arm, they will know exactly who your son’s doctor is and how to reach you and your husband at work immediately!

Have extra pet i.d. tags in your home. In most families, the family pet is a member of the family. When your cat or dog doesn’t have their tags — they run the risk of not being identified if they go missing or become lost. Getting new tags can take several weeks — weeks where your dog can run out the front door or off of his leash or your cat can get spooked by a bad storm running through town. Extra i.d. tags are very inexpensive and easy to get. You can also put custom stickers on all of your pet’s toys, in case they lose those.

For every purchase something needs to go out. When you buy your children toys or clothing – it is the perfect time to go through their clothing or toys to see what you can donate to charity or pass along to younger family members. Even selling their unwanted items at online auction can help bring in additional funds for more family fun! Simply accumulating more “stuff” should never be a family goal.

Always have a place to put: keys, cell phone and mail. More families spend time looking for their keys, cell phone and mail than just about any other belongings. Each of these belongings needs a specific “home” within your home that is all its very own. This way it will not go missing.

The Black Hole of a Woman’s Purse

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Many men will say in a joking way that they are “scared” to look in their wives or girlfriend’s purse. There is something about a purse that seems to intimidate or put them off. But what women truly know is that keeping your purse organized is a lot harder than it seems.

Sometimes your purse just seems like a cavernous black hole where things disappear, never to surface again. Your lipstick, keys, cell phone and other valued items all go missing. How do you truly keep your purse organized and the items in it labeled properly?

Begin by taking everything out of your purse and cleaning your purse thoroughly. A lot of women discover through this exercise that they are a) either carrying way too many things or b) truly need a larger purse for needed items. This little exercise is the best way to discover.

Once you’ve got everything in front of you, it’s time to sort. Make three piles: must-keep, recycle/refuse and reconsider. The first two are probably quite easy. You are going to want your car keys and cell phone with you at all times. But do you need to carry your allergy medicine – when it is not allergy season? Or what about the sixteen lip glosses? Make the tough choices and lighten your load.

Refill your purse now will ONLY your must-have items. It will be such a treat to see that your purse is surprisingly light. But are you truly being honest with yourself? There may be other items that you need to carry – that you aren’t including. This exercise only works when you are including everything you really need or don’t need. Sometimes you discover you need a larger purse, which is a better discovery than to have to reorganize your purse again.

Understand that organizing your purse is an ongoing process. The savvy woman does light organizing of her purse every couple of days. She’ll add and subtract items as she needs them. She may also occasionally add personal id labels to certain items in her purse.

Many of us get busy and okay, a little forgetful of exactly what we’ve put in there. But getting rid of seasonal items or things you only use on weekends can truly do you a favor.

As you organize your purse, make sure to ICE your telephone and include the same info in your purse. ICE is In Case of Emergency contacts you add to your telephone. If anything happens this means someone can easily contact someone on your behalf. Add the same information to your purse on an index card (remember cell phones sometimes don’t have power).

How to Label CDs and DVDs

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It is hard to buy a computer that does not have a CD/DVD drive capable of burning new disks and the cost of buying the kit to do this has dropped tremendously over the last couple of years. It is common for CD’s and DVD’s to be burned or ripped so the copy can be used to protect the original which makes sense, especially if you are using the disk on the move such as in the car and the normal wear and tear results in scratches and loss of quality.

One issue is having a stack of clunky looking home made disks; you never know which is which because you cannot readily distinguish one from the other. CD and DVD self-labeling kits are a quick, cheap and easy solution to labeling your copies and bringing a sense of individuality and style to your copied collection.

The Walk CD Pictures, Images and Photos

You can create labels which simply provide name and basic disk information or with very little effort, create your own disk designs including using your own photographs and images to create a highly personalized set of disk designs.

Labeling kits start from a few dollars through to the early hundred mark depending on exactly what you are looking for but for everyday personal use you should be looking at spending no more than $20 which will give you an imaging and label design software as well as a large number of templates and image management options. The labels themselves stick on the disk and better quality kits will have the same dimension, circular prepared labels included as well. When you are selecting your kit, be on the lookout for the cost of refills as some manufacturers provide a really cheap deal for the software but are very expensive on the labels themselves.

Organize your thoughts!

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I was trying to structure my thoughts for a blog piece. Many ideas came to me. My objective was to expand on one idea at a time per blog. However there were so many connections. It was like a glimpse into the brain itself with synapses and neurons and all connected together in a jangle of nerves. How do I sort this out? How could I chart it out before the whole exercise becomes moot?

Aha! Serendipitously, someone had already gone through this very process and encapsulated a highly intuitive and innovative way of putting it all on paper. After all half the world’s ideas were germinated over a plain cup of joe shared with a friend or colleague and scribbled on the nearest paper napkin at hand. Why there is also a mind map created for de-cluttering!

This could be a terrific tool for any organizing one chooses to do. For authors and writers there is software specially for them but if ideas should occur in the field, as it were, why not chart them out and save for future use in a file labeled ideas?